The Empire of Bael-Turath

<meta />The Empire of Bael Turath came into being as the Arkhosian Empire had already experienced a long and rich history. To the east of Arkhosia small tribes of humans congregated under the banner of several noble families. Through intrigue, politics and violence the humans were finally united under the banners of the noble families.

Where Arkhosia would let it city state members operate as independently as possible, the Turathi empire was fully subservient to the Noble Houses. The Noble Houses engaged in a great game of intrigue, espionage and assassination, ever jostling for standing and resources. 


Bael Turath was ruled by a collection of Noble Houses. Of these Houses the House of Avinon was by far the most powerful. Over the course of decennia they amassed enough influence that when they eventually crowned their patriarch as Emperor of Bael Turath the other Houses were too divided to succesfully dispute this blatant powergrab. Thus was formed the Imperial Court where the old games of politics took such grotesque shapes that the act of engaging in the most foul of politics would be forever known as the Dance of the Turathi.


The Empire of Bael-Turath

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