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The campaign setting is based on the 4th edition Points of Light setting. It incorporates elements from previous campaigns and thus the setting is known as the Fifth Era. It takes place on the world of Irnand. The players currently find themselves in the Alkahest region.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon

History and Timeline


The Kingdom of Nerath

The Arkhosian Empire

The Empire of Bael-Turath



Cult of the Burning Hatred

Magic Items

Arkhosian Swordstones

Sharpening Sheath

Tidy Trunk



Custom skills

The Shards of Sehanine Campaign includes the following custom skills. View their respective entries for more information.

Protection Fighting Style

When a ranged attack targeting an ally passes within 5 ft of the character with this fighting style, the character may use his or her reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll. Note that this works on both spells that use attack rolls as well as ranged attacks made with ranged weapons.

Main Page

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