Calendars and Holidays

There are at least three calendars in use today. The most widely used one is the Common Calendar, established at the dawn of the Kingdom of Nerath.

Common Calendar

The Common Calendar stands at the year 758. It consists of twelve months, with five holidays in between that are not part of any month. There are more holidays, but these are considered to be a part of the month they are in and may have slightly different dates each year depending on the lunar cycles.

Winterdeep Winter
Sundawn Winter
Coldeven Winter
Greentide Spring
Corellon's Bounty (Holiday)  
Planting Spring
Growthing Spring
Summer Solstice (Holiday)  
Highsun Summer
Pelor's Light (Holiday)  
Harvest Summer
Hearthfire Summer
Leaffall Autumn
Fool's Feast (Holiday)  
Frostfall Autumn
Sunsebb Autumn
Winter's Solstice (Holiday)  



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