Arkhosian Swordstones

Arkhosian Swordstones are ancient crystals that were commonly used in the realm of Arkhosia to imbue swords with magical powers to enhance the combat potential of the wielder. Most Arkhosian Dragonborn wielded a single sword either one- or two-handed, but a select few were able to effectively dual wield Swordstone-imbued swords. These select few often had their own preferred combination of Swordstones for flexibility. View the combination table for possible set bonusses.

During a long rest you may change the Swordstones imbued in your weapon. Doing so breaks your attunement.

You can mix and match two swordstones in any combination you see fit. You attune either to a pair of Swordstones or to one individual Swordstone. This also counts as the attunement to the weapon in which the Swordstones are imbued.

Red Swordstone

Wondrous Item, Uncommon. Requires Attunement.

Red Swordstones were often used by Arkhosian duelists and bodyguards, as they had but few opponents to engage at once, but had a need for devastating attacks from the get-go.

Once per day, wielder may designate one target as preferred enemy. Gains advantage on regular attack rolls against this target with this weapon only.

Attacks from this weapon do not count as magic for the purpose of overcoming resistance.

Swordstone Swordstone Set Bonus
Red Red No discernible bonus.

Arkhosian Swordstones

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