The Alchemy skill is used to create potent potions, concoctions and brews.

To brew a potion one needs the following:

  • Proficiency with Alchemist's Supplies
  • A set of Artisan's Tools (Alchemist's Supplies)
  • A minimum of two alchemical ingredients

Depending on the complexity of the potion the DM may call for additional requirements such as

  • Heating or refrigeration equipment
  • An assistant
  • An alchemist's workshop

To create a potion the Alchemist nominates two or more ingredients, designating one ingredient as the base. Any additional ingredients act as modifiers, possibly conferring additional effects or enhancing the base effect.

The skill modifier for an Alchemy check is Intelligence Modifier + Proficiency Bonus. So, if you had an Intelligence of 12 (ability modifier 1) and a Proficiency Modifier of +3 you would add (1 +3 = +4) to your d20 roll. Do note that for exceptional potions the DM might require additional checks.

The base DC for an Alchemy check is 10, assuming the player uses two Common ingredients. The DC increases as the player attempts to use rarer ingredients. Consult the following table to determine the Alchemy DC.

Common Uncommon Rare Exotic DC
2 0 0 0 10
1 1 0 0 10
0 2 0 0 11
3 0 0 0 12
1 0 1 0 12
0 1 1 0 12
1 0 0 1 13
0 1 0 1 13
0 0 2 0 14
1 2 0 0 15
0 2 1 0 15
0 0 1 1 15
0 0 3 0 16
0 0 0 2 16
0 0 0 3 21

An example of the process for brewing a potion is as follows.

Davina the Witch Hunter has had some difficult encounters with bandits. To ensure better chances for survival she would like to create some potions of healing.

Davina knows that the Amrans herb has healing properties, so she designates this as the base ingredient. In an attempt to bolster the restorative properties of the potion she decides to add the Chamomile herb as a modifier.

Because the potion consists of two Common ingredients the DC of the Alchemy check remains at DC 10. Were Davina to add a third common ingredient, the DC would increase by 1 to DC 11.

Satisfied with the preparations, Davina sits beside the campfire, puts a kettle on and starts grinding the herbs. She filters the resulting pulp and pours the resulting concentrated mixture in an empty container. As the water starts boiling, she drips the boiling water into the container with the mixture while stirring.

At this point the DM asks the player of Davina to roll an Alchemy check. She rolls a D20, adds her Intelligence Modifier of +0 and Proficiency Bonus of +2. The result is a 14 and the potion is succesfully crafted.

As the boiling water touches the mixture it starts frothing. Filling up the container the resulting liquid slowly turns a bright red, darkening as the water cools. The potion becomes quite viscuous, reacting to gravity in a lazy manner.

Davina has succesfully created a potion with the following properties:

Calming Potion of Restoration

  • Restores 1d4+1 hitpoints.
  • Grants advantage on Concentration checks for 1d4 rounds.


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