A tree awakened by corruption but liberated by the party.


Erstprat is an oak tree of a hundred years old. It towers above all it surveys, Its galls may be used to craft an esoteric ink valuable to arcanists and its wood is tougher and more vibrant than that of its non-Awakened kin. The trunk has split below into two separate trunks, each covered in bark and moss forming an uneven pair of legs. Multiple branches have fused together to form two arms of sorts, ending in claw-like fingers of varying length and number on each limb.

Erstprat takes its time to consider its words, as patience comes to it naturally. It rarely speaks more than the absolute minimum number of words required to convey meaning or intent. Being thrust into the form of an Awakened Tree, Erstspake is still considering its place in the world and what its new-found mobility means for it.


Erstprat used to be a bog-standard tree. It just had the unfortunate fate to grow near the spot where an old tree was corrupted two hundred years ago during the Night Of Tears. While the tree was bound and sealed in chains, the landscape was sort of safe. When a party of adventurers inadvertently broke the seal though, the corrupted tree snapped its bonds and began summoning allies to slaughter the party. Erstprat was Awakened and magically compelled to serve the corrupted tree.
Against all odds, the party managed to slay the corrupted tree and freed Erstprat from its magical bonds. Persuaded by a friendly Halfing druid named Ginneva Barrelbridge, Erstprat stopped his assaults and was escorted by the party to a nearby bog where other trees grew. During the trek, Ginny made herself comfortable in Erstprat’s branches.


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